Tatoeba Haha ga Natsuyasumi by Tsuyatsuya

•December 12, 2013 • 44 Comments

Hi guys. I’ve just completed doing this one. I really like this chapter. There’s so much potential on what could happen. More outdoor sex, It could go to NTR mode again, but I’d like to see these two swapping partners with another couple from the other Tsuya stories. I hope Tsuya will keep on drawing TatoHaha.

Like I mentioned in the note included in this chapter, I still need some donors for the next Tsuya release. This one didn’t have enough so I only got to complete it this week. Anyway, be sure to tell me which chapter I should translate next in the comments below. I’m thinking doing Makoto and Miharu’s private video but TatoHaha’s prequel isn’t a bad idea.

I’ll also be uploading commissioned works in the next days.


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Tatoeba Haha ga EX by Tsuyatsuya

•November 14, 2013 • 14 Comments

Hi, here’s Tatoeba EX. This MILF never ceases to amaze me. I’ll never get tired of Miharu. I hope Tsuya will keep on drawing her. Another crossover is a good idea.

There’s something that I need to talk about. I’ll be focusing more on commissioned projects for now. I have to pay for repairs and every little bit counts. So if you want to commission something, do email me. If you guys like, I could make Tatoeba a donor supported project. If this could get covered, I think I could do at least a chapter per week. Just email me if you want to chip in. Also, do give me a heads up when the HQ scans of TatoHaha Black becomes available. Thanks!

Enjoy, guys!

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Secret Story of Markl and Sophie by Tololinco

•November 13, 2013 • 4 Comments

Here’s another one from Tololinco commissioned by Garass. This one’s a Howl’s moving castle doujin.

Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing TatoeHaha EX.

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Isourou Saki no Obasan ni Hameru! by Freehand Tamashii

•November 13, 2013 • 6 Comments

Hi, here’s a Freehand Tamashii manga commissioned by Garass. This one’s about a freeloader and his aunt.


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Hanakan Yuki Kyuu Aka Ki Hana by Kawaraya Honpo

•November 7, 2013 • 3 Comments

Here’s a Maria-sama ga Miteru doujin commissioned by Tiptop. This one is about futanari students proving their “love” to their sisters.


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Takano Miyo to Issho by Tololinco

•November 7, 2013 • 1 Comment

Hi guys. Here’s another doujin from Tololinco’s “to Issho” series. This time, featuring Miyo Takano from “When They Cry”. Thanks to Garass for commissioning this one.


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Tatoeba Haha ga EX update

•November 6, 2013 • 11 Comments

Hi guys. I’ve read the comments on chapter 14 and found two versions. The magazine scan and the tankoubon scan. The magazine scan has better resolution but worse censorship. Currently, this is what I’m using. Although the tankoubon has less censorship, it has less resolution too. I’ll be putting this on hold for a couple of days for the mean time. And tell me what do you prefer, better resolution or less censorship. If you have the HQ scans of Tatoeba Haha ga Black, just let me know in the comments or email me at fatedcirclev3@gmail.com



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