Cross-Over Updated

Okay, because of a minor mistranslation at the last page, I decided to update this one. I also translated the moans.

I’ll try to be more careful next time and spend more time with QC.

Deposit Files

The Raws of chapter 2 of Agatsuma Kyoudai is really annoying. The image size of each page is different from each other. There’s an extra colored chapter at the beginning of the volume. I decided to translate that last so that we can focus more on the story. Sorry I f I can’t release it tonight, Blame Atlus.

~ by fatedcircle on February 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “Cross-Over Updated”

  1. What exactly is cross-over? Is it a stand alone story?

  2. FC, you don’t have to apologize for basically anything when it comes to your work. We’re gaining from them.

  3. Just found this blog and I should say you have done one great work. Haven’t read the staff yet, but it looks good and the speed is amazing. I hope you keep it up. I hope you finish the 2nd volume fast and include in the upcoming poll some works from Distance and OTSUKA Kotora. Thanks again.

  4. hey ty for all this great work but when you will back to the old 2 project that you lost sometime ago??

  5. @Orez
    Thanks, I’ll try to translated volume 2 whenever I can

    I dunno… maybe if somehow I can get my hands on the next chapters/volumes of Madam Hisae’s Diary…

  6. the file seems to be messed up

  7. I just checked the file from Deposit Files and it’s just fine. Try downloading it again.

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