My Sister is My Wife Chapter 12 by Tsuyatsuya

Just finished this chapter before I go to sleep. We’re almost at the end of this series. Woohoo! I’m now thinking what series should I translate next. Maybe I’ll post that poll in the next chapter’s release. But if you have suggestions, just keep em coming. I’m interested in a series with Milfs, Office Ladies, Female Teachers, more Milfs and a good story. I hope I can find one with all of those hahaha. Anyway, enjoy this chapter and expect chapter 13 soon!

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I Just bought a 1 month premium in megaupload with the money I earned from deposit files (This is why I love DF hehehe). With this, I’ll start uploading to megaupload from now on. Maybe I should put up a donation button so that I can continue uploading to MU. I hope it’s fine with you guys and girls and thanks always for the support (by downloading on DF)!


~ by fatedcircle on March 7, 2009.

19 Responses to “My Sister is My Wife Chapter 12 by Tsuyatsuya”

  1. Ooh! I suggest Tonari no Tonari no Oneesan!!! Or Boku no Aijin (My Lovers)!! Oh, or Chikage!! (They’re all by Tsuyatsuya)

    Thanks for this new chapter ^_^

  2. heheh Tsuyatsuya ftw!

  3. Many thanx Fated Circle. I am a big fan of Tsuyatsuya, so i’ll vote for him too.

  4. Wondering were you gonna pick up Madame Hisae again? or no? Thanks alot for this scanlation

  5. thank you.

  6. How many chapters are there in vol 2

  7. Well, I was about to suggest tonari no onessan, but since that was already called for I will not only enforce the request, but I here is a little advice :

    If you are aiming to do a quick “one shot”, there is a Book called Joker by Sena Youtaroh’s. This book is a bunch of short stories that are usually 1 or 2 chapters. I don’t remember the name of the story, but within the book there it was this 2 chapter story about a young mother who is now a widow, and lives alone with her soon. Her hobby is cosplaying, and much to the son’s charging, much to his charging, she clings dearly to her son (specially when dressed as a school girl). That chapter represents perfectly Sena’s tastes : cosplaying, the “quiet type” girl / women, and kinky humor.

    You can see a pic of here here (she is actually the cover girl). If you want to look at it, at least; and can’t find the raw, just drop me a line.

    The web has been pretty mean to Youtarou’s works, most of them aren’t translated or well know.

  8. blergh, funny spelling (powered by 3 am drunken post)


  10. I would like to recommend Venus Rhapsody by SHUNJOU Shuusuke. Link for the raw is

    This is the same guy who did An Earnest Captive. The art is just amazing and the scenes are even better. School girl and MILF is most of it. I hope you will consider this one. Thanks.

  11. I want to suggest going back to Madame Hisae’s Diary. I also welcome The Girl Next Door and The Girl Next Next Door. I think SaHa is doing Venus Rhapsody. A one shot might help for a break.

  12. i second what rath said all of the above mentioned tsuyatsuya works are nice…

  13. How about Kasumi No Mori? It’s also a tsuyatsuya. πŸ˜›

    @Pure: Having seen the raw, I believe it is 6 chapters. If I remember correctly there are 3 chapters left, or maybe 4 for the series.

  14. nice one there. only 3 chapters left. I really wanna know wat gonna happen next… anyway thx alot fate ^^

  15. about suggestions… hmm how about boshi no toriko/Captive of mother & son? stories may not be too good but the drawing is hot !!! here’s the raw

  16. well i’ve been searching for the 4th chapter of the so called madam hisae diary but to no avail…i wonder how’s that differ from the completed vol.

  17. Thanks for the suggestion everyone. But it seems that most of you want more tsuya tsuya goodness. So, Tsuya tsuya it is! Im still thinking of doing another series from other artists such as drill murata, Fuusen Club and Kaoru Hazuki.

  18. thanks and o man 3 chapters left and i’m already getting the shakes.

  19. hope u consider the one i suggested πŸ˜€ it’s from fuusen club πŸ˜€ anyway it’s up to u ^^

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