My Sister is My Wife Extra Chapter by Tsuyatsuya

Whew! This chapter was a pain in the ass! So many texts which means so many edits! It feels like I’ve been doing 2 chapters when i was working on this. Good thing I finished it somehow. Forgive me if some of the pages are edited poorly, I just wanna finish this ASAP so that I could start working on Tonari no Oneesan. Well, here it is! Enjoy!

Oh, I would like to thank Ehud again for his donation. Thanks!

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~ by fatedcircle on March 17, 2009.

15 Responses to “My Sister is My Wife Extra Chapter by Tsuyatsuya”

  1. Thanks Fated Circle, you’ve made a lot of people happy. Keep up the great work, I for one appreciate very much.

  2. You’re welcome! Don’t worry about it. I’ll just delete the other ones okay?

  3. Hi!
    Thanks so much for the extra chapter! It was not poorly edited at all! You did a lovely job! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. hey thanks very much for a very speedy translation…
    great work.. =D

  5. Thanks for the hard work. I enjoyed the extra chapter and you did a good job with it.

  6. Many thanx for awesome job

  7. Thanks. Greatest translator. Fast release speed and without asking for commission.

  8. thanks for translating~

    now time to DL and Read vol. 2…

    thanks again~

  9. whats the banner picture you have up there from? just curious.

  10. thanks for translating~
    love the serie ^^
    1000000000 thanks ;D

  11. Thanks for this extra chapter, FC. Really appreciate it.

    Now waiting with abated breath for Tonari no Tonari no Oneesan! XD

  12. My reply won’t be original at all : my thanks, my sincere thanks for the great work, FC ! ^_^

    I am a bit disappointed by the ending. I mean, step 1 : discover your brother is hot for you, step 2 : incest sex, that’s sadly hasty, without any development about why the sister suddenly decided to go for it. But well, that’s still WAY better than other incest-based hentai mangas, Tsuyatsuya has already made a great work 😀

    Once again, FC, you’ve got my gratitude, for your quality work, and for all the time it toop you, thanks again 🙂


  13. Thanks for the nice words everyone!

    I’m glad you liked it. I hate those bathroom tiles!

    It’s a screenshot of Squall doing an Arial Circle from the PSP game Dissidia

    T_T I hope I can get my hands on the japanese raw of Tonari.

    Maybe because it’s only 2 volumes. It’s alright for me I guess… At least there’s no douche bag such as Makoto (tatoeba haha ga) in here.

  14. Your download sights are broken for My Sister is My Wife Extra Chapter by Tsuyatsuya

  15. All download links for “My Sister is My Wife” (and many other releases I would bet) are broken, so could you please reupload them (in mega for example) or make a torrent.

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