Madam Hisae’s Diary Chapter 3 by Tsuyatsuya

Here’s the 3rd chapter for those who want their Hisae fix hehehe. I’m having 2nd thoughts on translating that page with the Diary because I’m not sure if that’s complete… But I decided to give it a go. Enjoy this release and expect another chapter of Tonari next.

I would like to thank again Setebos for his generous donation! ありがとう、セテボスさん!

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~ by fatedcircle on April 1, 2009.

15 Responses to “Madam Hisae’s Diary Chapter 3 by Tsuyatsuya”

  1. I’m a very happy man, TsuyaTsuya fix and a cup of coffee early in the morn. Thanks for for doing what you do so well and with amazing speed, FC, but pace your self. Look forward to more great stuff.

  2. Many thanx FC. You are now formally faster than a bullet. You are doing a remarkable job.
    By ths way, is the end of this story resembles Tatoeba Haha Ga?
    Thanx again

  3. Thanks FC. As always great work.

  4. wow….2 work at a time, be carefull bro, take your time or you might get bored or tired with tsuya2…hehehe, like i always said…thanks a lot, really apriciate you work

  5. Great job as usual! Thanks for always being so fast. Keep up the great work.

  6. Heheh you’re all welcome. I dunno when I’ll be out of town again so I’m trying to go full force with the translations. Although I haven’t made any progress with Tonari today because a few friends dropped by. T_T

  7. fated, you really are amazing with the speed of these translations. Keep up the good work!

  8. Regarding the diary and your doubts with regards to how well it’s translated.

    Needs some minor tweaking to get it into “standard” English, from what I can tell.

    “Takioka-kun, who was a student whom I tutored, graduated from High School. Furthermore, he passed the exam for entry into his first choice university.”

    The rest seems fine to me.

  9. hey fate, just wondering how long have u been learning Japanese? I mean I kinda wanna read Japanese light novel, but I dont know anything about Japanese yet so just wanna ask how much time I need 😀

  10. i hope you have ch 4-6. i seem to be missing the raws for them and can’t find them anywhere. and thanks for the super fast translations. you obviously have a lot of concentration skills

  11. whoops. spoke too soon. found the link to all the raw chapters posted on one of the tonari comments.

  12. shaker, were did you find it? can I have a the link.

  13. @loplop

    Thanks for the suggestion, Will try to fix that on the volume release.

    I really can’t tell. I’ve been trying to learn japanese little by little ever since I got addicted to animes, mangas, videogames during my teens.

  14. hI man, Thank you for your work, I`m a fan of Tsuyatsuya, so I really don`t know if you fix your problem, about the raws of Madam Hisae’s Diary, I just remerber that you had lost the raws, so here is a link for madan hisae`s diary raws.
    so I say again maybe your problem is solved, but It`s really been a long time since i check your site and i don`t know.

  15. where can i get this full comic from

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