Madam Hisae’s Diary Chapter 5 by Tsuyatsuya

Yey! I finished translating chapter 5 a little earlier. Just in time before I go to sleep. Only 2 more chapters to go! (one chapter is a one-shot) I’m now having an idea on what non-tsuyatsuya manga should I translate. Maybe I’ll just surprise you guys hehehe. Anyway, Here’s chapter 5 and enjoy!

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~ by fatedcircle on April 28, 2009.

26 Responses to “Madam Hisae’s Diary Chapter 5 by Tsuyatsuya”

  1. Many thanx FC. You are one fast guy, and you are doing an awesome job.

  2. Happy happy, joy joy! Thanks FC, this one is awesome, a real crowd pleaser. Keep up the great work.

  3. i hope you find someing thats with milfs + incest >.>

  4. Seoond on Anonymous, the only thing that would be better would be MILF, Elder sister, and teacher, student high school setting. I’d be in Heaven!

  5. i wouldnt mind more of Yanagawa Rio work being translated heres cherry boys (no its not yaoi)

    but yea after Tsuya tsuya i hope more good artists work get translated

  6. Thanks for your continued work. It looks great.

  7. Thanks for your translation and your speed ^^

  8. Can’t wait for the next chapter…

    And thanks again~

  9. Is the next chapter the last or are there more?

  10. Thanks as always FC and I also hope for some incest/MILF/School girl staff.

  11. can the work be uncensored? but madam can’t be finish any time so are you doing a new project during or after finishing? thanks

  12. Thank you for this.

  13. Is it going to be any incest in this manga?

  14. thanks for the quick translations, fated.

    to answer the question — they go at it in the second volume but only the last chapter of that volume is on the net

  15. Thanx Jack

  16. FC, thanks for the nice work, bro…

    @jack master…is there more than one volume of madam hisae diary?

  17. @satoyama:
    this is volume 1 madam hisae
    and this is volume 2 madam hisae

    and this is the compilation 2 of them

  18. @satoyama:
    this is volume 1 madam hisae
    and this is volume 2 madam hisae

  19. i dont understand how come it’s so hard to find 😕 Is there really no one in Japan who would buy the book and scan it then upload it on the net?

  20. Thanks alot FC. I hope more milf, incest and happy sex coming, like tonari no tonari onesan.

  21. So at the end we’ll have only half story. That’s a shame.

  22. You can’t win them all, Ehud. Nic, nice art and story anyway. Did you get the link I left for you over at HentaiRules:

    It’s called Happy Sex, a huge amount of manga listed, all good with guarenteed happy endings. Hehe, made a funny there. Anyway, check it out.

  23. Setebos, i didn’e see it at HentaiRules, but i see it now. Many thanx for the link. Happy endings are the best.

  24. Thanks for the chapter. I would like to request a manga. It has a very good storyline and lots of sex and it had a happy ending after a roller coaster plot. The name of the manga is –

    Hironokoku (Secret of A Housewife)
    P.S it would be great if you could translate this. The raws can be found on HongFire. Thanks

  25. Any link to a raw of the file?

  26. Fuusen Club – Mama Pet, was just started by Sayo as a donor project. I know that was suggested as a possibility for translation by Fated Circle. This is no longer an option, in case anyone wants to support it Sayo resides at SaHa’s Weblog. My apologies FC, not intended as a plug. I respect your site and work. Just a heads up.

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