About the new poll

I’ve uploaded this sample pack for those people who are not familiar with the Tsuyatsuya titles at the poll. I just included 1 chapter of each.

Sample Pack

~ by fatedcircle on June 17, 2009.

9 Responses to “About the new poll”

  1. It\’s a good idra FC. Thanx

  2. Another group has decided to start working in Chikagi (and has yet to start).

    I remember someone talking about scanlating maid no mitsuko san, but I don’t remember who…. It’s hard to keep track of those things.

    In any event, it’s hard to keep trace about who’s going to translate what later, maybe you should contact and ask for a joint project?

  3. FC, do you have the raw version of “Prelude”? if so, could you please upload it?

  4. Tnx now I can make a Decision

  5. hmmm… I think you should go for “meganbenjo”… it differed from what I saw from the other titles it seemed like some looked liked rape?… rape scenes disturbs me hehe…..

  6. Well, either way, if FC or anybody else did the Maid manga, we would have to wait for the latter as it’s so far an ongoing series, which gives the scanlators the right to work on it with as much time seeing how it’s not going to end anytime soon. I personally voted for Kasumi no Mori, not a short 1 volume nor long 7 volume *cough* Takatsuki Jokyouju no Inbi na Hibi *cough* so like Tonari is should please us. 😛 First choice was obviously Chikage, but I got Yoroshii1 working on that. 😀 Now we have 3 Tsuyatsuya scanlating fans (third is Sei-chan). XD [Perhaps all three or two should team up for Takatsuki Jokyouju no Inbi na Hibi? If that gets selected.]

  7. Thank you for the sample package. I really hope you decide to scanlate Meganbenjo as your next Tsuyatsuya project. ^_^

  8. If @ all possible could you give synopsis on each one like “Reguler sex” “Rape” “Incest” that sort of thing would be nice.

  9. Great work FRC….waiting for more tsuyatsuya projects

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