Tonari no Tonari no Oneesan chapter 17 by Tsuyatsuya

Here’s chapter 17! Only one chapter left! We get to see both Hiiragi and Naruse in this chapter. I’ll just leave it at that. hehehe. This chapter proves that Teppei really is a lucky bastard.

Enjoy this release guys!

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~ by fatedcircle on June 18, 2009.

16 Responses to “Tonari no Tonari no Oneesan chapter 17 by Tsuyatsuya”

  1. thx for the 2nd to the last chapter of this volume 2!

  2. Awesome I already supected something about Hiiragi doing high paid office work.
    But too think she’s a secretary of her dads company didint see that comming :P.
    I really hope she ends up with Teppei Or at least Harem seeing she’s my favo ^^

    Anyway tnx for chapter one more too go 😀

  3. Thanks for the chapter. I am so excited to see who ends up with Teppei. I have been rooting for Hiragi from the first because she is too cute. I hope Teppei comes to his senses and admits to himself who he really likes. I mean the lucky guy always gets jealous when some other man is with Hiragi and the same goes for Hiragi she gets pissed-off when she sees him wth some other girl. Please release the next chapter quick. Please keep the good work

  4. Many thanx FC. One more chapter, and i’ll be able to read the whole manga, at last. I realize from the comments that this is a nice story, so i can hardly wait.
    So thanx again

  5. One question what does Tonari no Tonari Oneesan translate to english? Is it the girl next door or the girl next to the next door girl?

  6. Bang!there goes the answer!

  7. What!!!… you guys like Hiragi better than Naruse?
    I like Naruse better shes more my type of woman. But seeing the start of the chapter it looks like Hiragi has the upper hand(sigh) I was rooting for Naruse-san!!…
    well I hope the last chapter concludes who he picks.(Naruse-san)

    Thanks FC for the release and uhmm.. will there still be Sister & Brother releases?.

  8. Almost half way through with the last chapter. I’ll try to finish it before I go to sleep.

    Tonari no Tonari no Oneesan means The girl next, next door. (Naruse)

    If I were asked whom do I want to have sex with, it’ll be Hiiragi-san. But If I were asked whom should I marry, I’ll definitely have 2nd thoughts on that hahah.

    After Tonari’s last chapter, I’ll be focusing more on Sister and Brother and Mitsunyuu.

  9. Great chapter, I’m rooting for Hiiragi! Sex and marriage, you could do worse, Teppei been around the block as well. Thanks FC, don’t burn yourself out.

  10. He really should end up with Naruse by my call. She’s the one I would take out of the three . . .

    FC, Thanks for another great chapter of work. It’s nice to see Tsuyatsuya starting to get noticed by a lot people these days. Especially if your a Jukujo/Milf fan like myself.

  11. Thanks FC for telling me the meaning, so it seems its not Hiragi who ends up with him but Naruse because the name itself says so. Shit!!!

  12. Hmm.. Wouldn’t Oji-san be a better fit than Papa? (Yes, I know it’s a Japanese term, but it seems to fit the context better.)

    I mean, that’s kinda giving away the big plot point for this chapter. And I don’t think a Japanese woman would call an older lover, daddy. That’s more of a Western thing afaik.

    Oji-san would give some more latitude as it means uncle, and addressing someone with the term of a family member is a form of polite speech after all, so it won’t also make more sense, but it also sounds a lot like Ojii-san which means old man, grandfather etc.

    And old man is a another term for father, thus setting up a pun as well.

  13. Sorry but I don’t think so. It would be very weird if Mariko called her father Ojisan. If I remember correctly, japanese people never call their father ojisan. Remember, that Old man isn’t her lover. He’s her father. It’s only Teppei who assumed that he’s her lover, sugar daddy or whatever. Also, I think that Mariko calling her father ‘papa’ suits her character better than calling him otousan, tousan, oyaji, etc.

  14. Eh, guess I wasn’t precise enough. Hiiragi would end up calling her father Ojii-san, whereas Teppei understood Oji-san.

    I mean, she does seem irreverent enough to do so, and based upon the crotch-grabbing that daddy did, it would seem like he wouldn’t mind that his daughter called him old man either.

    The papa thing and with Teppei assuming things seems just as weird to me, seeing how the whole daddy angle is very much a Western thing, and the only times that I’ve seen or heard Japanese characters use the term papa it actually was their father. So no: Oi Papi coming from them. 😛

    Which makes Teppei’s assumptions all the weirder, even if he’s a goofball.

  15. haha, it doesn’t matter who’s ended up teppei in the end…coz that little bastard is having a feeling for both of the girl (naruse & hiiragi) i feel sorry for naruse in this chapter, teppei had it rough with her because of his jelaousy fantasy toward hiiragi (and the “oji-san”)…so hiiragi is a japannese paris hilton, right? hehe…thankas for the release, FC…

  16. i like this chapter because it reveal the identity of mariko hiiragi and what’s her job is…in this chapter i’m fully realize that teppei is also had “love” feeling to hiiragi (he got jelaous to hiiragi’s father and little brother? come on…that’s ridicilious if it’s not “love”…hehe)

    about the word tonari no tonari no oneesan..yup, it can be describe as the girl next, next door (it means naruse) but my friend who are a japannese teacher told me that it can also be describe as “the girl next door and the girl next the girl next door” (so it means hiiragi & naruse) but it all depends on your own interpretation

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