Ane Haha Chapter 7 by Terunyo Kusatsu

Here it is! Ane Haha’s chapter 7. The fact that this is just a one shot pisses me off! I want more! I don’t care if it’s as long as Tatoeba, I just want more! heheh. This became a personal favorite of mine. Kumiko-san is so hot! I hope that you’ll like this too.

Currently working on Mitsunyuu.


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~ by fatedcircle on August 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Ane Haha Chapter 7 by Terunyo Kusatsu”

  1. thanks again.

  2. Great chapter, I love Aunt/Nephew incest almost as much as Elder Sister. This is a classic.

  3. Nice chapter. I agree I would love to see this serialized.

  4. Many thanx FC. Sorrowfully i didn’t read it yet, but than again, i’ll have the pleasure to read the manga in one shot.

  5. I am just like Ehud, haven’t read it yet, but would like to thank you and looking forward for the rest.

  6. so will this be the whole volume or is there still more to it….

    **me want maawwrrr** lol

  7. shit because i read this manga ….. i’ve fucked my GF mother … but this manga is awesome

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