Hadaka no Kusuriyubi Volume 2 Chapter 12 by Tsuyatsuya

Hi guys. Here’s another chapter of Hadaka. Yey! We have Midori again in this chapter. I like how this story goes. I hope you guys are excited for the next chapter. Groove Tube is up next so stay tuned.


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~ by fatedcircle on February 8, 2010.

16 Responses to “Hadaka no Kusuriyubi Volume 2 Chapter 12 by Tsuyatsuya”

  1. This seems to have similar plot to Nawoki Kitazato – Mother Rule, any read that?

  2. Thanks for the release!

  3. I read it. It’s was good but didn’t like the ending. Hope this one doesn’t turn out the same way. It seems the daughter is planning something.

  4. what, you wanted something bad to happen at the end of mother rule?

  5. Many thanx FC and Setebos.

  6. No, not anything bad to happen. Since it’s hmanga, I thought that the brother would find out about the sister’s affair and try to stop it. Ending with both sis and mom with the brother. Some thing along that line. Instead having the sister having a secret affair with the boss.

  7. Blackinmind I think you are looking for Tatoeba Haha Ga basically. Same artist as this, epic 6 or 7 volume long mother fucking. If you’d like something sweeter than Mother Rule and just want milfs then try Scarlet Desire 1 &2. Maybe Triangular Love Affair but that has some of your same complaints as this, though it is excellent.

  8. @anonymous, yeah that’s what I wanted too. I thought you wanted drama I mean.
    @Stannis, read Tatoeba and it was a nice ending for them two but getting there was rage inducing and I have scarlet desire but vol. 2 is the best bc there’s no rape. Am gonna check out Traingluar Love Affair, thank you.

  9. oh wait I already read Triangular love affair, oops. That the only time yanagawa rio made a real story compare to what he does now.

  10. Many thank to FC!
    It’s been a long time to waiting for new chap!
    Thks again!

  11. thanks….

  12. @anonymous I forgot but in the end of mother rule the sister ended with the boss and mom with the brother

  13. @oblow20, Yeah at the end everybody was happy I guess, there was no drama.

  14. Rather… DUDE… can you stop trying to make this a god damn fucking business?
    if ur intention is to get money then fucking make a payed site with ur own domain and all of that…
    i like ur stuff… but is so much trouble everytime to download something from u…
    depositfiles makes u wait 10 mins in between each download…
    uploading god damn… that is an annoying site… i already lost count of how many times my explorer crashed because of that freaking site…
    megaupload is the only decent upload page u use… and u don’t put the link to it as fast as the other 2 trashy ones?

    at the very least put up torrents of this stuff damn….

    don’t get me wrong… i’m grateful for all ur great work… but god damn… make ur point clear already…
    are u trying to make a few cents out of translating hentai?
    or are u like the rest of us who work for the people because we want them to enjoy as much as we do subbing/scanlating shit?

  15. The above post simplified: “I’m so grateful for your free work that I came to complain about how you choose do things.”

    So even if you go through uploading or depositfiles, do you still get your H-manga for free from FC like everyone else? If that’s a yes, which I know it is, what are you complaining for?

  16. @f10
    I just have to say this… Don’t be a bitch a get a goddamn premium! I want to be nice, I really do. But people like you really piss me off. Since I got that off my chest, If you want ‘free’ premium with deposit files, I’ll be posting some keys for gold status in the comments of groove tube ch3.

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