Groove Tube Chapter 4 by Kemonono

Hi guys. Here’s the 4th chapter of Groove Tube. As you can see in the preview pics, There’s a bondage in this chapter. Hadaka’s up next.


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~ by fatedcircle on February 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Groove Tube Chapter 4 by Kemonono”

  1. Many thanx FC and Setebos.

  2. Awesome, bondage is always welcome. 🙂

    Thanks to FC and Setebos for this latest chapter.

  3. thanx FC for the hard work, and talkoing about that, what happened with Zecchou Boshi vol.3, the previous 2 volumes had very interesting.

  4. nice work man, but what happended with Zecchou Boshi vol 3 that is a nice one too 😀 i wait from your tesponse, and thax for all.

  5. Damn ,it’s kinda hard to fap at this story when i’m usually laughing at the character reactions (Before it goes to straight sex that is).

    Entertaining story, keep up the good work

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