I’m back~

Hi guys, it’s been a while. Sorry for not being able to release anything for a month now. I was in the province. Also, I had a big project but it’s finished now. I won’t be doing freelance works for quite some time. I’ll try to get back to my usual rate of 3-4 releases every week.

I’ll be releasing the final chapters of Groove Tube soon.

About the next Tsuya project. I didn’t know that thatguy already started doing Maid no Mitsuko-san. I was thinking of translating Insai or Hisae’s Immoral Diary. What do you guys think?

~ by fatedcircle on April 14, 2010.

34 Responses to “I’m back~”

  1. Do the last 3 chapters of Immoral diary that no one seems to want to finish.

  2. Glad yo see you back Fated!
    About Mitsuko-san, I would prefer you to make the translation first since your releases are faster than other translators; even when I would like to see your version of chapters 1-5, you could start from chapter 6 if you like.
    Hisae’s Diary is cool also, it’s your decision.

    Thank you very much for coming back.

  3. If you can you should do the 3 chapters of Immoral diary

  4. Glad to see you back Fated!
    About Mitsuko-san, I would prefer you to make the translation first since your releases are faster than other translators; even when I would like to see your version of chapters 1-5, you could start from chapter 6 if you like.
    Hisae’s Diary would be cool also, it’s your decision.

    Thank you very much for coming back.

  5. I was hope you translate the last of the Madam Hisae’s Immoral Dairy
    but i fine either with Insai or Hisae

  6. Hadaka last chapter please…….

  7. Well “thayGuy” Even said that he wasnt going to finsh maid because you were going to do it ,and that he was looking foward to seeing your release of it (im not 100% on that part lol,but i know he said he was sstoping because you were going to do it ) I for one want too se bothdone by you .

  8. Yep, I’ll be doing the last chapter of hadaka after groove tube. I’m still not sure about the next tsuya project. I’ll just make up my mind after groove tube and hadaka. but keep on commenting here.

  9. Welcome bavk FC.

  10. I forgot to tell you befor ,but welcome back FC.I need to ask ,would it really be all that bad to do both tsuya books? I mean i wouldnt mind one bit lol

  11. First of all!!!Welcome back!!!you’re right Maid no Mitsuko-san had been already translated so i suggest either of those 2 Insai or Hisae’s Immoral Diary will be a good idea…but i think i’ll go for Insai

  12. Welcome back! For a while there I was afraid you ended up in some dire straits. Anyway, don’t hold back on Maid no Mitsuko-san on my account. I did a crap job with it anyway and would love to see an actual quality release. πŸ˜€

  13. Welcome back Fated. Any of tsuya tsuya works should be fine.

  14. Hisae’s Immoral Diary I love that book. Is it a whole new volume or a few chapters? I don’t care either way, just that a new volume has more chapters πŸ™‚

  15. Chikage!

  16. boku no aijin!

  17. Glad to have you back. I miss you er.. I mean your works. :p

  18. What about the second volume of Mitsunyuu?

  19. Unless FC has it himself, the Raw for Mitsunyuu volume 2 hasn’t been scanned or hasn’t shown up online yet.

    Glad to see you again.
    About Tsuyatsuya, i would to do the point of situation:
    -there is Tatoeba Haha Ga 49+ new scans quality, i think Sei-jin would work on this.
    -Nemui released Tatoeba Haha Ga 28+ and is going to release Megabenjo.
    -thatguy started with Maid no Mitsuko san, but he said he’ll stop this cause you annouced it (i think there could be a joint project ? ^^)
    -Insai is good and hardcore, but…
    -Hisae ???? You got all the raw ? Uoah !!! If so, i think this could be the most requested Tsuya project here, right guys ? It would be very awesome, and there is a special chapter from magazine too featuring Hisae’s son. There is the raw too.

    Btw, after all, welcome back again FC ^^

  21. Ah, another thing (sorry for the double post). According to Nemui’s info, there will be another Kanzenban version of Hisae’s diary in two volumes out on May 17th. This time this one will be much economic that previous ones, and features color pages, extra chapter and new covers. I wonder if you must wait for any raw coming out or just working on that you have.

  22. Big Daddy’s back! \(^__^)/

  23. We chat on nemui’s blog shoutout yesterday and copy & paste
    ## Nemui The new hisae’s diary kanzenban edition comes out on May 17th 2010-04-14 11:23 PM
    ## Nemui Volume 1 and 2
    2010-04-14 11:23 PM
    ## Red Comet what is the different from the old one?
    2010-04-15 12:20 AM
    ## Nemui color pages, xtra chapter ,new covers, all the details are in the hblog news section. 2010-04-15 12:32 AM
    ## calimike Thanks Nemui for info on Hisae 2010-04-15 12:57 AM

  24. welcome back, we miss you. I think Insai Kono Onna wa Yoru ni Naku is the best bc is the only uncensored one and it been a long time since we seen a uncensored tsuya manga.

    Little tib use the chinese version scan bc it’s alittle bit better than the one out there. You could clean it up if you want. thank you.

  25. Welcome back, looking forward to your upcoming releases.

  26. the raw for the last chapter of hisae is on g.e-hentai.org but the 2 chapters before the last are in chinese. what about chikage fc?

  27. Is Hadaka done at two volumes or just on hiatus while Tsuyatsuya works on other projects? I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere.

    And welcome back Fated. πŸ™‚

  28. @blergh

    There will be a third volume of Hadaka and the story will end in that volume.

  29. First of all, Welcome Back. As for suggestions, I would say you should take a look at Maid no Mitsuko san. Even though ThatGuy started it, if you actually download and read his chapters, he admits in his translation notes that he didn’t understand all of the Japanese and so he sort of “guessed” what was going on. He even makes a joke about how he could be completely wrong about what is going on in some parts. Not quite a Rewrite, but I am certain that if *you* were to translate it, there would be many parts where your translation would be more accurate that his. Also, as many others have said, I am pretty certain ThatGuy has stopped working on it so *you* can.

  30. Ok, so I just went back and saw that That Guy already posted about this, and called his version a “crap job”. Although I would say that his translation didn’t seem to be *that* bad, if That Guy himself is telling you to redo it, you should probably take his word for it. πŸ™‚

  31. I agree with Zathael, i think Maid no Mitsuko san could be an awesome next project (only if ALL the raw of Hisae are unavailable^^)

  32. Welcome back FC. Doesn’t matter which one you. They all are great works, so I just wanted to welcome you.

  33. Welcome back. All I know is that Mitsunyuu Vol 2 is out and Japan and thats what I wanna read. Please put that on the top of your list. Thanks for your hard work. We missed you

  34. Hello FC – thank you VERY much for Groove Tube, you absolutely ROCK ^_^

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