Tenshi no Houkago Jugyou Chapter 1 by Nico Pun Nise

Hi guys, good day! Here’s a brand new series brought to you by Setebos and Zathael! I think you guys will like this one. The art is great! I’m loving it! I guess you can’t go wrong with Nico Pun Nise, hehehe. Next release would be another chapter of Mitsuko.


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~ by fatedcircle on May 19, 2010.

20 Responses to “Tenshi no Houkago Jugyou Chapter 1 by Nico Pun Nise”

  1. Oh damn if this is good. Really thanks to Setebos, Zathael and FC of course…you guys really ROCK….HARD ROCK!!!

  2. Yay, Nico Pun Nise \o/
    Thanks a lot Setebos, Zathael and FC!

  3. Thank you very much. I never thought this book would ever be translated.

  4. Hehe, Zathael and I have been wanting to do this one since we saw the magazine scans a year ago. It does ROCK, glad you like it, there’s more to come.
    Thanks you, Brolen and Fated Circle. A big thanks to my partner in hentai, Zathael.

    Oh, for those that only come here for the TsuyaTsuya, remember that FC does those for ‘free’ out of his love for Tsuya. The other things we do here pay the bills. Oh, don’t worry, I love TsuyaTsuya too. ^^

  5. This is a sequel to Purimu no Nikki featuring the main character’s younger brother.

  6. I’d ask what the Anonymous is smoking, but he couldn’t share it over the net anyway.
    This is not a sequel to Purimu no Nikki.

  7. Nico Pun Nise!!! Nice.

  8. BTW, is this tank version?

  9. @skyboy, it is indeed the tankoubon scan.

  10. I am glad people like this one, I absolutely *love* it. Many thanks to Brolen, FC, and my partner in crime, Setebos.

  11. Many thanx FC, Setebos and Zathael.

  12. So I was floating around the internetz when I saw this. I must say, I wasn’t expecting this so I was pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon this piece of gold. Nico Pun Nise is definitely a great artist. I have 2 of his translated works already.

    And I come to find out that none other than Setebos and Zathael are behind this awesomeness? And you guys are responsible for another piece of gold being done by desudesu? Geez, you two spoil us unworthy leechers too much. But I’m certainly not complaining either lol. I’ll be looking forward to the completion of this manga as well.

  13. You’re no leecher, Afro! You’re a fellow commissioner of hentai, now a ‘lecher’ maybe…
    Glad you like it, there’s more awesomeness to come. ^__~

  14. Setebos: Obviously, it’s not a direct sequel, more of a spinoff really.

    If you don’t get what I mean look at chapters 8, 9, and 10 a bit closer. Specifically, page 165 on my copy of the scanned raw. Even if you’re like me and don’t really understand Japanese, the whole bit with “As expected of Papa’s little brother” should clear things up.

  15. @Setebos: Thank you for your reply.

  16. I can agree with that, Anonymous. I have looked at the raws and do see what you mean, I only say that for those that loved Purimu are also going to love this one. No spoilers, please 😀

  17. thanks…

  18. Thanks FC and Setebos for this great story. You just have to love Nico Pun Nise’s work.

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you for scanlating this. The more Nico Pun Nise, the better.

    P.S. Do more of his works!!

  20. Just a heads-up – the title on the cover reads “Tenshi no Kagai Jugyo”, not “Tenshi no Houkago Jugyo”.

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