Nikusen Glamorous Chapter 7-8 by Hase Tsubura

Hi guys, it’s been a while. Sorry for that. Anyway, I’ve finished translating Nikusen. Chapter 7 is about a kid and his new step mom and chapter 8 is about a Military Instructor giving one final lesson to her students before they head out to the battlefield. Thanks to Grey Fox for commissioning this to me. I’ll be out for 4 days but I’ll be focusing on translations once I get back. Also, I’m open for commissions again so just email me if you want to commission something.


Chapter 7
Deposit Files

Chapter 8
Deposilt Files

Full Volume

~ by fatedcircle on March 24, 2011.

8 Responses to “Nikusen Glamorous Chapter 7-8 by Hase Tsubura”

  1. Excellent post. Many thanx FC and Grey Fox.

  2. Thanx FC..
    Can you please do Maid no Mitsuko-san next?…

  3. AWESOME, thanks a lot to FC and Grey Fox, this author is really good, i love.

    (ahem, Maid no Mitsuko next would be superb ^^)

  4. any chance you might do hadaka? its a pretty rage(slight ntrish?) but I would like to know whats happening in the story. maid is good too but it just doesnt have the drama in it lol.

  5. I was wondering when you were planning on finishing chikage, I realy want to kmow how that ends.

  6. Hmmm FC is taking too long for his next release…i hope he will be active soon..and a tsuya tsuya released will be a good one….perhaps Hadaka?

  7. thanks you very much, ^^ i really like manga hentai translated by you

  8. so is FC dead like sei-jin?

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