Waifu Chapter 5 by Don Shigeru

Hi guys, here’s the 5th chapter. This one is another 2 part story about a picky OL. Expect chapter 6 in a couple of days.


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~ by fatedcircle on May 21, 2011.

13 Responses to “Waifu Chapter 5 by Don Shigeru”

  1. Many thanx FC.

  2. FC!?
    where r u? u said will back in a couple of days..but it’s almost a month o.O”

  3. maybe he is busy w/ real life again

  4. wow it’s been almost a month now since FC last posted!!!i hope he’ll come back soon!!and i hope when he comes back he will do some tsuya tsuya thing specially hadaka!!

  5. I think tsuya2x sent out hitmen from stopping people like seijin & FC from translating his stuff into english lol.

    RIP seijin & FC, it was nice while it last. Thank You for the fap material.

  6. “Expect chapter 6 in a couple of months.”


  7. well maybe he’s busy with real life… or perhaps on holidays.

    hope you’ll be back soon FC

  8. ……nearly 2 months now.. think he has moved on =) it was good while it lasted !!.. but alas fate has run its circle =)

  9. i think fated decided to go on his personal life..i just want to say thanks for the good long years you’ve shared us..it was a great time..i bid you farewell and good luck Fated Circle

  10. only been a couple months..maybe decided to take the summer off and be back in the fall..who knows

  11. well when he come back he better post the remaining chapters of waifu and 3 others translations to make-up for lost time 🙂

  12. lol it’s freaky how you guys assume he’s left forever after two months.

  13. anyone find it weird that this was posted on May 21st?

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