Monokage no Irisu Volume 2 Chapter 10 by Tsuyatsuya

Hi guys, it’s been a while. I was out during the holidays so I wasn’t able to get any translations done. Anyway, I’ll be releasing 2 chapters of monokage + 2 commissioned works today to make up.

By the way, today’s the release of the live action tatoeba. I’ll look forward to seeing it. Yumi Kazama isn’t a bad choice for Miharu. She sure has the same body type but there are so many hot milfs out there who resemble her face more.

Anyway, here’s chapter 10. Enjoy!

Deposit Files

~ by fatedcircle on January 7, 2013.

5 Responses to “Monokage no Irisu Volume 2 Chapter 10 by Tsuyatsuya”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter. Looking forward to the Live Action Tatoeba Haha Ga since I saw the info on Tsuyatsuya’s blog last month.

  2. Any download links for the live action tatoeba?

  3. Found them! enjoy

  4. can you re-upload depositfiles link please, i always get this acces denied report every download it..

  5. Sadly while yumi has the face for the part her acting really leaves a lot to be desired.

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